Laser Collagen Stimulation Treatment

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Dr. Steven Pearlman MD FACS Answers Questions About Ultherapy

I answer following common questions about Ultherapy.

How long does Ultherapy last?
What are the risks with Ulthera?
What are the side affects?
Is the Ultherapy procedure painful or uncomfortable?
If I’ve had a facelift, can I have this done?
Will it destroy my fillers if I do Ultherapy?
Can men use Ultherapy?
How old are your patients you treat with Ultherapy?

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Meet Heather: Ultherapy Before & After Story

Ultherapy Review from Heather, 46, Graphic Designer and Single Mom

Motive: Wanting to look and feel good as she enters the dating scene; maintaining a youthful glow in a workplace full of younger colleagues.

Issue: Hooded eyelids

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