Acne Scar Treatment / Bellafill Fraxel Erbium Laser / Skin Collagen Remodel Resurface / Los Angeles

Dr. Jason Emer, a facial rejuvenation and body contouring expert from Beverly Hills, CA, uses the latest technologies to treat acne scars. In this video, he combines Bellafill, Fraxel laser, and Erbium laser.

This patient was concerned with her acne scars. First, Dr. Emer filled her scars with Bellafill. This soft filler raises the scar, evening it out with the rest of the surrounding skin. The Fraxel Laser can be used to completely rejuvenate and the skin and is great to use on scars. After a few days, the skin will be completely fresh with rebuilt collagen. The purpose of combining with the Erbium laser is to get the skin to remodel at different levels. By going deep into the skin, as well as superficially, the patient will get a much better outcome.

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